Since 2011, I have been translating Chinese poetry and short stories from Chinese to Dutch. Some of the short stories have been published by publisher De Geus; these include a story written by Bi Feiyu, a short story by Su Tong and two short stories written by Yu Hua. I have translated a work by Liao Yiwu for Belgian literature magazine nY, and published a translation of the first two chapters of the work of Murong Xuecun Chengdu, don’t leave me alone tonight for Armada Magazine. For five years, I contributed a translation of a Chinese poem of my own choice for dutch magazine ChinaNu that issues four times a year. For my MA thesis, I translated six Wandering Immortal (游仙诗) poems by Eastern-Jin poet Guo Pu (276-324) in Dutch and English.

Currently, I am translating one short story by Zhang Yueran which will be included in a collection of short stories edited by Annelous Stiggelbout, to be published this autumn.

A poem by Haizi translated for ChinaNu